What Erdoğan’s staying power means for the future of Türkiye

Ear to Asia by Asia Institute, The University of Melbourne

Episode notes
Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's victory in Türkiye’s 2023 presidential election extends his two-decade reign by another 5 years yet raises important questions about the country's domestic politics. Despite his handling of a struggling economy and the aftermath of a catastrophic earthquake, Erdoğan prevailed in a runoff election that highlighted deep political polarization. So what does Erdoğan’s staying power say about the state of democracy in Türkiye, where an entire generation has never known another national leader? And should we expect Erdoğan to continue with his populist authoritarian practices that critics say have led to a hollowing out of state institutions and entrenched illiberalism? Türkiye watchers Dr David Tittensor and Dr Tezcan Gümüşz discuss what's in store for Türkiye’s 85 million people as Erdoğan begins his third decade in power. Present ...   ...  Read more
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