Distracted Driving Series: Joel Feldman of the Casey Feldman Memorial Foundation

The Road We Travel by DRIVE SMART Virginia

Episode notes

Following the death of his daughter Casey in 2009 by a distracted driver, Joel Feldman has worked to keep all of us safe on the roads.

Joel has given more than 700 presentations at businesses, medical, legal and traffic safety conferences and to middle school, high school and college students across the country.

With input from experts at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), Joel developed interactive, scientifically-guided, evidence-based distracted driving programs integrating health communication, behavioral change, and targeted persuasion principles. Thanks to Joel Feldman’s leadership, and using a network of 350 trained volunteer speakers, more than 475,000 have attended EndDD.org presentations in 45 states and Canada.

Joel Feldman sits on the DRIVE SMART Virginia Board of Directors.

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