Published: Jan 23 2021

The Danielson Framework is an example of a filter that is commonly used to evaluate preservice and practicing teachers. The Danielson Group describes this as a framework for professional practice. Here “good teaching” is comprised of four domains: (a) planning and preparation, (b) the classroom environment, (c) instruction, and (d) professional responsibilities. The four domains are broken into 22 components. And the 22 components are further broken into 76 teeny tine separate elements.

The Danielson Group claims that “empirical studies” have shown the Framework to lead to improved student learning. This claim is false and misleading (Johnson, 2019). While there is some research to support some of the 76 teeny tiny elements, if you examine the research cited in the Danielson material you will find that much of it is questionable at best. Often it is misused or misinterpreted. As well, there is no research (none) to support the use of the Danielson Framework as being more effective than any other framework, or more effective than no framework at all for enhancing teacher effectiveness or improving student learning. It is just a bunch of stuff that somebody thought up once upon a time, and now the Danielson Group is using it to sell stuff. Imagine that. Making a profit off our students. teac