Published: Jan 01 2021

Affect in education usually refer to emotions and motivation. Since these do not show up on test scores, to the educational bureaucracy, they do not exist; however, they are, arguably, the most important components in teaching and learning, especially if you are a student with a special learning need.

Motivation and emotion are perhaps the most important components when working with students with moderate to severe reading disabilities, yet it is the area that seems to be given the least amount of attention.


We think, learn, and emote with the same brain. Thus, it would be silly to think that students’ emotions would not be a factor in their ability to learn. Positive emotional experiences can enhance and promote learning; negative emotions can disrupt and prevent learning. And, since there is plenty of research to support this notion, we can say that attending to students’ emotions can be considered a research-based strategy and not simply some namby-pamby, feel-good activity designed to make liberals out of your kids.