Latest AI Trends: Social Media for AI; AI For Weight loss; The Impact of AI Nurturing or Neglecting Our Learning Potential?; AI and Social Interaction; AI and consciousness; Why is AI rejecting philosophical questions?;

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Episode notes

Why is AI rejecting philosophical questions?

I’ve tried asking ChatGPT about philosophy - mainly because I suspect some of my students may have done the same.

How AI would take over society

I'm not saying AI will take will take over society because I don't know that. But how it would do so seems pretty clear. Targeted deep-fake media.

Why does OpenAI allow people to cheat on their assignments using ChatGPT?

Can somebody explain why OpenAI doesn't disable the ability to have ChatGPT write assignments for students? I'm a teacher (temporarily) and it absolutely baffles me that AI companies know their tech is being used for cheating, yet they do nothing about it.

Can I let AI read a group of information from books with ten of thousand of pages and  ... 

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