Indiana R Delegates: Important Info: Q&A Session w/ Joseph Bortka (Author of Open Letter to GOP)

Dion's Daily Dose by Dion Bergeron

Episode notes

Attention Indiana Delegates! We're going to have a question and answer session with the author of an open letter to the Indiana GOP. This letter (which was emailed out to delegates for signature collection) makes some interesting points, and regardless of whether you're in favor of this or not, it certainly raises some questions. The letter is titled Open Letter to the Indiana Republican Party In Support of a Debate on Various Convention Resolutions and we can't include it here because it goes over the character limit. We will include the link instead (hopefully it lets us) The author of the letter (Joseph Bortka, candidate for IN State Representative District 100- bio further down) has graciously agreed to come onto the show and answer questions from YOU, the delegates for the state convention scheduled for June 15th in Indianapolis, IN. I hope  ... 

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