Dear Lander

by Jordan Carr & Amara Fehring

A purely Landiego podcast interested in highlighting our favorite hometown!

Podcast episodes

  • Season 3

  • Episode 24 w/ Carl Cote!

    Episode 24 w/ Carl Cote!

    Well hello! This particular episode features one of Lander's most talented photographers: Carl Cote. This Indiana fella is an avid shredder and storyteller through the lens. He told us about gettin' wicked at the rodeo and snapping pictures of skaters at Venice Beach, being inspired by Jimmy Chin, (please come on the podcast Jimmy golly we love you) screaming barfies and roman candle fights, getting in the splash zone for a good shot and leaning into the suck, whether it's a 14 year old surfer cussing you out mid-wave or January in Wyoming. Easy money.

  • Episode 23 w/ Quinn Cerovski!

    Episode 23 w/ Quinn Cerovski!

    Red. For this episode, we talked to Landiego's favorite heady wook: Quinn Cerovski. The brain behind Red Dangit, gamer, DJ, Winds fanatic, and raptor lover. We covered some of the following: Crazy things we've seen, (off of The Falls slide, of course!) the earliest days of Red Dangit, Byron's legendary reputation, Shocktoberfest and the height of Laramie DJs, the story of his album Jupiter, getting his denim jacket pierced by a golden eagle out near Shirley Basin and the lure of the Dark Lord Filch, as well as other Lander Swim Team traditions that have existed for a millennia. This one also ain't for the faint hearted. Rub some dirt on it.

  • Episode 21 w/ Cristina Gonzalez!


    Episode 21 w/ Cristina Gonzalez!


    PICTURE THIS: It's June 2022. Laughter and saucy humor fills the halls of Amara's house. Three individual concoct the most steamy and unarguably spicy Dear Lander episode yet. Cristina joined us to discuss her work as nurse and activist for Chelsea's Fund, leaving a first impression on her NOLS course with a particular.... thingy.... watching her kiddos grow up in Lander, and finally, a powerful interaction she had in the grocery store. Buckle Up.

  • Episode 20 w/ Paul Primrose!


    Episode 20 w/ Paul Primrose!


    Class is in session, Lander. On the fine day of this recording, Paul Primrose came over and schooled us on some very good stuff: the glory days of Fluffy Buffalo and favorite ever shows, nearly teaching at Mountain View, how cell phones are..... not so chill sometimes.... AND the truth about life after high school. Go Paul.

  • Episode 19 w/ Kris Hampton!


    Episode 19 w/ Kris Hampton!


    On this instant classic, Amara and Jor were chillin at Kris Hampton's humble abode, discussing his journey: How climbing kept him out of trouble, the Hip-hop single he released that went viral and eventually landed him a gig at the International Climber's Fest, The Houlihan Narratives, Writing "Float" and getting to know Todd Skinner's family. We also touched on him and his daughter meeting Lizzo, (?!) how we coped with the long dark winter, and the undisputed greatest ever train robbery pulled by a band of genius 11 years olds. Dang, diggy dang. Freakin' Ace in the Hole.Please check out Kris' very popular and incredible podcasts at "The Power Company Podcast, Plugtone Audio, and Hip-hop Taught Me Everything," respectively.