Episode 26 - Quarantine-cast

Published: Mar 20 2020

We're finally back and have a lot of time on our hands. Now that we're all on lock down, venues, bars, clubs and restaurants are closed; musicians are hurting for work and we're all just trying to find something to do to occupy our time until we "flatten the curve". But have no fear! Hambone Relay is here. Podcasting from our respective living rooms, Rob and I chat about the quarantine, making music online, drinking, and what we can all do as entertainers in this time of uncertainty. Don't forget to support musicians in any way you can. Buy merch, watch a streaming concert, donate etc...

More podcasts to come...and one thing is for certain...Hambone Relay has far more content to be released and music to be created...it might be a long time until we hit the stage again...but we've got to make the best of it. We'll get through this...together.