The Data Culture Podcast

by Sid Atkinson and Lee Harper

Culture eats strategy for lunch. Informed cultures drive decisions and inspire action. At the Data Culture Podcast we talk with execs, visionaries, and data experts so that you may move from idea to outcome in your own data culture journey. Curiosity intersected with data can inform and inspire change for the betterment of all. Let's build cultures to make this happen.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Reframing Digital Transformation in the Age of AI

    Reframing Digital Transformation in the Age of AI

    Digital transformation has been around for a while, but have we succeeded at it? AI, for better and worse, is pushing change in organizations. One of the positives is that AI is creating urgency for organizations to do the things they have deprioritized for a long time: data management, governance, or in this case, digital transformation. Now that this is come back into focus, what are the foundations of effective change?

  • First to Forecast: the Chesterfield County Pioneers

    First to Forecast: the Chesterfield County Pioneers

    At the end of a spectacular achievement, the journey there can sometimes seem obvious, but we all know clarity at the start is frequently missing. Nancy Tickle was at the center of Chesterfield County's pioneering transformation in using data to forecast micro-level growth, achieving something no other city or county had done before. In this episode, Nancy offers a detailed account on how Chesterfield achieved remarkable results.

  • Learning & Growth in the AI Age

    Learning & Growth in the AI Age

    Software is eating the world (or used to, that was soooo 2011). AI is eating the world now at a blistering pace, and while a lot of it feels like hyperbole, and in some cases faked gains (Devin), many initiatives in AI & data are very real, and organizations are adopting and adapting their cultures to include these gains and take advantage of what they enable. Within this astounding pace of change, we have lots of anxiety on learning and adapting. How do I stay current? Is RAG even going to be a thing a year from now?

  • Peggy TsAI on AI Strategy for CDOs

    Peggy TsAI on AI Strategy for CDOs

    Want some AI with your coffee? It seems anywhere you turn, AI is infused into every interaction, decision, and experience, so it makes sense that your organization should upgrade (or create) your AO strategy. But how? CDO Peggy Tsai offers incredibly practical advice on AI Strategy for today's Chief Data Officers.

  • On the Importance of Naming Things

    On the Importance of Naming Things

    "What's in a name?" Shakespeare's romantic notion that naming something is irrelevant may work in purposes of his plays, but for the data world, naming, and conformance on the meaning of names, is critical. Amit Pahwa has spent a good portion of his career dedicated to making our data lives easier, all by focusing on that most basic of tasks: naming things.