Darknet Demystified - Crypto Address Poisoning, New I2P version, Stolen Crypto

Darknet Demystified by Sam Bent

Episode notes

Darknet Demystified is a podcast that delves into the mysterious world of the darknets, hacking, cybersecurity and cryptocurrency. Sam Bent the host is a exDarknet Vendor and Darknet Market Admin, who has extensive IT, Infosec and OpSec experience. He is also a paralegal who litigated his way out of federal prison. He is a defcon speaker, who gave a talk on OpSec as a Darknet vendor, author and hacker. The podcast is designed to educate listeners on the various aspects of the darknet and how it is used, as well as the various technologies and tools that are used to access it. This episode is basically and introduction.

One of the main topics the podcast focuses on is the use of the darknet, privacy, security, hacking and agorism. We talk about prior and present news regulating to all the things mentioned above.

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