Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • #27 | OnlyMans |

    #27 | OnlyMans |

    On this episode of the new season Crowbar spills the tea on college, Onlyfans, the top rated content producers and his very own plan to become rich and famous.

  • Season 1

  • #32 | Those Conspiracy Guys |

    #32 | Those Conspiracy Guys |

    This week we have an extra special guest who we tracked for a very long time. Those Conspiracy Guys is a show revolving around all things conspiracy and true crime and we talk about one of the biggest crimes to hit Ireland. we chat mad culture, mental health, covid stuff and some heartfelt topics.

  • #25 | The Wolfpack |

    #25 | The Wolfpack |

    In this experimental episode of the podcast Crowbar talks us through one of the most hauntingly brilliant Documentaries of the 21st century "The Wolfpack"

  • #24 | "Its all about who you know" |

    #24 | "Its all about who you know" |

    On this very real episode Crowbar talks job interviews, Jordan Peterson, mental strength and weaknesses.

  • # 23 | What is Ick ? |

    # 23 | What is Ick ? |

    We see out 2020 with two guests and a lot of Ick. Along with a story involving men in womens clothing and we like that.