#111- From chaos, fear, anxiety to freely living with Jesus: Kellie's Testimony

#CreateYourEarthLife Christian Podcast - Bible Studies, Testimonies and Faith Based Entrepreneurship by Jenasa Prudhomme

Episode notes

On this podcast episode I have a guest on, Kellie, to share her testimony. Kellie's testimony is very relatable. She shares hard times in her life as a child, struggles she had as a young adult trying to escape the chaos in her life, and then her fears she had revolving around the sickness in the world in 2020... which helped lead her to Jesus.

I pray you all enjoy!

To contact Kellie, here is her Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tellmeyourtestimonypod/

Make sure to check her podcast out! https://anchor.fm/tell-your-testimony/episodes/Tell-me-your-story-e155i4t

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