Conversations with Chris

by Christian T. Howell Sr.

Conversations with Chris is a time of encouraging, empowering, and transformative dialogue that is sure to produce change in your life. As a father, an apostolic leader, Maxwell Leadership Certified Team Member, Board Certified Advanced Life Coach, Board Certified Master Mental Health Coach, Cognitive Behavioral Coach, Biblical Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, and an innovative mentor, Chris shares real and relevant truth that e ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 3

  • Your Assigned Seat Part 1

    Your Assigned Seat Part 1

    In this episode, we start the conversation concerning you and your assigned seat.

  • Chosen and Running

    Chosen and Running

    In this episode, we talk about the necessity for chosen people to sometimes run. All running isn't wrong. All wrong isn't out of rebellion or fear! Sometimes, not always, your future may require you to have the courage to get up and run instead of standing still and fighting. Let's look at some examples of "famous runners" and let them encourage us.

  • Don't Run

    Don't Run

    In this episode, we'll discuss how our natural and God-given instinct to run can actually hinder our growth and development. While running can save our lives, we must be careful that we don't attempt to escape the place(s) that God has designed to protect, prepare, and promote us.

  • Season 2

  • Prophetic Conversations - Part 1

    Prophetic Conversations - Part 1

    In this episode, Christian chats about the importance of having and engaging in healthy "prophetic" conversations. Words shape lives, communities, and destinies. We must be careful and responsible of the words we release and the words that we hear.

  • Building Yourself Up

    Building Yourself Up

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