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The Finders Cult was a group that was allegedly involved in child pornography, human trafficking, satanic rituals, and mind control. The group is also allegeded to be backed by the CIA. Many have speculated that the Finders is "patient zero" of many of the pedophile rings in the United States that involve some of the elites that involve Jeffrey Epstein, The Franklin Credit Union group, Pizza Gate, etc. This group isn't only involved in the United States but is also implicated in the UK, China, Russia, parts of Eastern Europe, Mexico, etc. Sean and Adam break down what really happened with the Finders Cult and if they are still around today!If you can, please leave us a 5 star review on Spotify and iTunes. One bad review will really hurt the show and we need what ever help we can with the algorithm. The algorithm is constantly trying to suppress s ... 

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