"Cheer Chronicles: Reacting to Our College Recruitment Journey"

The College Cheer Guides by Mason Yuzwa, Slane Glover and Maddy Yuzwa

Episode notes
Join Mason, Maddy, Will, and Lexi on "The College Cheer Guides" as they embark on a spirited podcast adventure. In each episode, this dynamic trio shares their personal experiences and reactions to the recruitment videos they sent to various universities. From the nail-biting anticipation to the exhilarating moments of acceptance, follow along as they offer an insider's perspective on the college cheerleading recruitment process. Gain valuable insights, tips, and anecdotes from Will, a talented cheerleader at Ohio State, and Lexi, an enthusiastic cheerleader at Bowling Green State University. Whether you're a fellow cheerleader or simply curious about the thrilling world of collegiate cheerleading, tune in to "Cheer Chronicles" and join the cheerleading excitement!