Catching Some L's This Week, OAC Hotseat w/ Alicia, Sinta & Sage...

COFFEE CLUB by Morgan McDonald

Episode notes

you can find our beans at: https://coffeeclubpod.com/ - we appreciate the support :)

we are back, recording from our rooftop in St Moritz. we have made it to the big half century!!! this is huge for us, but unfortunately the celebrating will have to wait a few weeks until we are back home :)

this weeks episode comes after disappointing results all around for the gang. we take the time to dissect these races and our thoughts on them.

unfortunately George wasn't able to join us for this week, but we made it for it by bringing on some of the #heavyhitter women of our team - return guests Alicia & Sage, as well as new teammate Sinta. we play a little game that for now will be referred to as "OAC Hotseat".

let us know what you think of this segment and how we  ... 

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