Ep 7. More on Microplastics

Clean Sailors podcast by Clean Sailors Crew 🌊

Episode notes

'Microplastics' - we've all heard of them and over the last two years alone, have become aware of just how pervasive these tiny pieces of plastic are within our environment, and our human bodies… In this episode, we speak with Dr. Christopher Pham and Dr. Roman Lehner, two eminent scientists who study the very topic of microplastics, to help us better understand the plastic soup upon which we sail, soup we can’t see so well from above the waterline. Focusing on our recent sailing expedition mid-Atlantic, around the plastic-rich waters of the Azores, we look at how microplastics are created, just how far they have got, and Dr. Lehner’s pioneering research on how they may be interacting with our very cell structures…

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