Church Folx

by Birmingham and Berkley First UMC

Church Folx is a podcast where we talk to members of the community of Birmingham and Berkley First UMC about who they are and what God is doing in their lives. Throughout the bible, people are encouraged to bear witness to what they have seen and heard. Continuing in that tradition, this podcast offers a forum for people to get to know one another and be inspired. Our hope is that the stories of these Church Folx will empower ... Read more
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Podcast episodes

  • E15 - Russ and Sue Ives

    E15 - Russ and Sue Ives

    Russ and Sue share about the impact of faith in one’s work and the importance of remaining open to change; they reflect on the history of Birmingham and Berkley First and cast a hopeful vision for the future.

    Jul 21 2021
    Jul 21 2021
  • E14 - Matteo Passalacqua

    E14 - Matteo Passalacqua

    A father of three with training in urban development, Matteo shares about building community and raising children who think for themselves.

    Jul 14 2021
    Jul 14 2021
  • E13 - Beverly Hannett-Price

    E13 - Beverly Hannett-Price

    An English teacher who has been impacting the lives of students for 63 years, Beverly Hannett-Price shares about her love of the church, offers a word of encouragement for parents and teachers, and gives tips on where to meet a ch...

    Jul 07 2021
    Jul 07 2021
  • E12 - Dale Glick

    E12 - Dale Glick

    Dale Glick offers insight on growing through small groups, sharing about God with others, and the connection between our faith life and financial life.

    Jun 30 2021
    Jun 30 2021
  • E11 - Pastor Rachael Dunlap (part 2 of 2)

    E11 - Pastor Rachael Dunlap (part 2 of 2)

    Pastors Zack and Rachael Dunlap interview one another, discussing what it means to be called, gifted, and on mission as disciples of Jesus Christ.

    Jun 24 2021
    Jun 24 2021