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  • Ep.40: The Michael Bertiaux Special

    Ep.40: The Michael Bertiaux Special

    It's episode 40, and that means its time for another special, and this time we cover the most controversial and fascinating living occultist that we can think of. Micahel Bertiaux has been called many things; a prophet and a charlatan, a teacher and a huckster, a genius and a hack. The patriarch of the Voudon Gnostic Current, leader of countless occult organizations, and an artist and writer of a singular quality, Bertiaux has had many hats and many tales through his life, and shifting through the truth and fiction is something so impossible we don't even try. Instead, we explain the origins of Bertiaux as they have come down to us, stopping to mention when things contradict, give thoughts of his contemporaries both good and ill, and discuss our own experience with reading and working with what are arguably his two most important works; The Gnostic Voudon Workbook and Ontological Graffiti. And in between, we have a few laughs and a few insights into just what Bertiaux wanted us to learn from his works. It is easily one of the best specials we have done, and that means a lot if you know how much work and love goes into each one of these. So call up the spirits of the water as laid out in the Necronomicon physics, and join us, or become a sodomized mute! Our linktree: Our Patreon: Site: Tiktok: YouTube: Discord: Insta: Twitter: FB: Thread:

  • Ep.39: Helicopters and Homunculi

    Ep.39: Helicopters and Homunculi

    After a rough month, them boys is back with a episode slammed with news and intrigue. After giving you a few moments of grounding to help you prepare, we slam into the weirdest news of the month; theIranian president dying in a helicopter crash(our theory? Israeli Fog Missiles), RFK's brain worm becoming the funniest thing we've heard and our new go to excuse for anyone being an idiot, YLS members sacrificing goats and whether it should be on the record in their RICO trial, and how you shouldn't be categorizing your food items(taco ain't a sandwich either way). Then we have a quick Banish with Laughter to talk about the King Charles portrait and the totally real demon hidden in it by the evil archons or whatever. Finally, in our culture piece, we take a long look at the historical degeneration of one of alchemy's most fascinating projects; the Homunculus. From Paracelsus, to Crowley, to Ai and stupid Russian youtube videos, we discuss just what making a Homunculus was trying to accomplish and why its become a modern symbol of man's arrogance at best and terrible claymation at worst. All that and more we can't even remember cause the brain worm ate part of our frontal lobes! So join us, or end up in a jar! Our linktree: Our Patreon:

  • Ep.38: Mercedes in Vaporwave

    Ep.38: Mercedes in Vaporwave

    This week we don't have time for anything and things keeps going wrong, so obviously we're blaming astrology. But first, we talk about Prayer, how useful it is in chaos magick, why some chaotes don't like asking god(s) for stuff, and whether or not it's appropriate to call Aries to help you lower your cholesterol. Then we have a jammed pack news segment; Conspiracy theorist sets himself on fire outside the Trump trial, a religious nut throws a pipe bomb at the Temple of Satan and leaves a 6 page note, a security guard hags up his own art in a museum and Vietnam sentences a real estate mogul to death for bank fraud. Then we round out the episode with a quick dive into everyone's favorite excuse for sending their ex a sad and horny DM, Mercury Retrograde. Mostly, we wonder if it's popularity is because we live in an increasingly communication and technology drive age, or like.... Taylor Swift apparently? All that and more, so join us or Peter Thiel will.... make more money I guess.

  • Ep.37: Crybaby Thelema Hours w/Coco Makhno

    Ep.37: Crybaby Thelema Hours w/Coco Makhno

    WARNING: Two differing trickster type entities were invoked before the recording of this podcast, and it shows! In our longest episode to date, our hosts are joined by friend of the show and occult artist Coco Makhno to talk about the theories and practices of Aleister Crowley and Thelema, and why Chaos Magicians might be interested in them, and we all talk about our first experiences with Crowley. In a jam packed news segment we talk about Mothman and the Baltimore Bridge accident(or as Cohost calls it, Biden's new infrastructure plan), the book bound in human skin that was unbound at Harvard, Diddy definitely being a Satanic Illuminati and not a guy with way too much money, and Sam Bankman Fried getting chewed on by rats. AND THEN in a mammoth of a culture piece, we tackle the complex, perplexing and genuinely fascinating history of Thelema, the OTO and the A.'.A.'., and by that I mean we talk about how they all turned on each other constantly and continue to fight to this very day! From J.F.C. Fuller threatening to sue Crowley his they were mentioned in the same breath to Jack Parsons getting cucked by L. Ron Hubbard, to Marcelo Motta kicking out almost all of his students to, we cover as much as we can and ask one question, "Who is the legitimate head of the OTO and A.'.A.'. now?" Join us, before someone shows up and changes the locks while we're not here! Our linktree: Our Patreon: Coco's Insta:

  • Ep.36: Trance Shoes with Mariana Pinzón

    Ep.36: Trance Shoes with Mariana Pinzón

    Yo ho ho mateys; this week we have a special guest; Captain Mavis herself, Mariana Pinzon, Chaos Monk, Eight Circuit Model theorist and life coach. We talk about her new project ORMEC (Octomancy Research Monastic Expedition Crew), an invitation to "playful liberation of consciousness" combining Tim Leary and Robert Anton Wilson's 8 Circuit Model, Chaos Monastics and Narrative play with something everyone loves; Pirates. After that, it's onto the news; Haiti is having a weird time, Germany has legal weed and Trump is trying to sell you some kicks. Then we end with a segment that goes nowhere on Pirate myths, and go back to our favorite emergency segment; reading from Peter Carroll's "Interview with a Wizard" and taking pop shots at it. Oh, and Garry wants to talk about One Piece and Cohost is not having it. All that and more, so join us or be forced to walk the plank! Our linktree: Our Patreon: Mariana's Links: Site: Join ORMEC: First listener to answer the question "Where did all the aliens incarnate?" gets a discount! FB: Chaosurfing fb: Telegram: