s02e03: The Legacy of Kroeber, Ishi, & UC Berkeley

Challenging Colonialism by Martin Rizzo-Martinez & Daniel Stonebloom

Episode notes

Episode 3 continues and deepens our critique of academia's extractive and complex relationship with Native California by examining the history of one of California’s most renowned and celebrated anthropologists, Alfred L. Kroeber. Kroeber helped establish the school of Anthropology at UC Berkeley, and, up until 2021, his name adorned UC Berkeley’s Kroeber Hall. This episode examines Kroeber & his legacy, the life of a Native man known as Ishi, and the renaming of Kroeber hall, from the perspectives of Indigenous Californians.


Dr. Cutcha Risling-Baldy (Hupa, Yurok, Karuk)

Dr. Brittani Orona (Hoopa Valley Tribe)

Mark Hylkema

Dr. Samuel J. Redman

Cindi Alvitre (Tongva, co-founder of the Ti'at Society)

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