s01e03 Weapons of Mass Destruction p.II: A History of Resistance

Challenging Colonialism by Martin Rizzo-Martinez & Daniel Stonebloom

Episode notes

Part two of a four-part episode outlines dams as a colonial project, and centers Indigenous science in the historical and ongoing indigenous resistance to eco-genocide.

Interviewees for s01e03 p. II:

Chief Caleen Sisk (Winnemem Wintu)

Brittani Orona (Hoopa Valley Tribe)

Ron Reed (Karuk)

Dr. Beth Rose Middleton Manning

Sheridan Enomoto

Marc Dadigan

& Craig Tucker


Audio engineering and editing by Daniel Stonebloom

All interviews conducted and recorded by Martin Rizzo-Martinez

Ambient sounds recorded by Ariel Stonebloom

Music written, performed, and performed by G. Gonzales

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