Building a Live Entertainment Company w/ Hakeem Crooks (Crooksy) | FTR EP.12

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Episode notes

On this episode of For The Record, Hakeem Crooks (Crooksy) joins KRISTODOTCOM for yet another insightful conversation! With Crooksy’s extensive on-the-field knowledge in running an entertainment company, he brings us along through what it takes to do what he does! Crooksy talks about his beginnings in Ontario and the motivating factor to which most DJs actually start DJing…(07:27). He talks about whether DJs are “the new promoters” (16:03) and his beginnings in creating a party series titled “Cold Drinks” (23:08). Crooksy dives into his appearance at 2022 Breakout Festival (31:53) and DJing for Canadian rapper Pressa (40:01), as well as the importance of mentorship for up and coming DJs (37:03).

Join us for another introspective conversation on For The Record, a series by CPN.

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