S01 E01 - CDCR Unlocked-The New Normal

CDCR Unlocked by California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
The first episode of CDCR Unlocked, “The New Normal,” features a conversation with all three of CDCR’s undersecretaries of administration, operations and health care services, Jennifer Barretto, Jeffrey Macomber and Dr. Diana Toche respectively, about the reopening of state prisons and offices after the COVID-19 pandemic.Episode recorded  ...  See more
Jun 16 2022

Joe Orlando – Welcome to the inaugural CDCR Podcast I’m Joe Orlando.

Tessa Outhyse - I’m Tessa Outhyse.

Joe Orlando – You know what Tessa this is a work in progress for us, because we started kicking this idea around. We thought it would be interesting to do a podcast, but this particular podcast we work in OPEC, which is the Office of Public and Employee Communications. That’s not the only department you’re going to be hearing from, because there are so many departments within CDCR. We have 60,000 plus employees, so were going to try and cover as many departments as we can, so that we can hear what people are doing, how they’re doing it, why they’re doing, and kind of give them a voice.

Tessa Outhyse – Absolutely! You know we also do articles, and we do videos, and it’s just so

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