Episode notes

On this Multi Topica Show, I review

  1. What Happens When the FDA Approves, then CMS Dooms Biogen's Alzheimers Drug Aduhelm, and what else is affected?

  2. Moderna Success with RSV Vaccine using mRNA Technology, the same tech used in creating the Covid Vaccine

  3. The Homeless Issue: Cities & Homeless Fight. Local governments have been experimenting with a range of homeless policies, such as involuntarily removing people from the streets when they appear to be mentally ill, confiscating their belongings, and evicting homeless people from public property.

  4. The Bright Side Of 2022 (vs the negative skew and distortion of the news, politics, and social media). I bet you didn't know there was a bright side, right? Well, I'm going to surprise you because there are quite a few things that you would consi ... 

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