S18 E40 - Saint Francis Health-Inside Look at Hospice Patient Care and the Nurses Who Provide It

America's Healthcare Advocate by Cary Hall
How Hospice Care Nurses are dedicated to caring for people at the end of life. We will explain and highlight the benefits of hospice care to patients at the end of life and, especially their families.https://www.sfmc.net/Saint Francis Healthcare SystemEmergency Services, Heart Hospital, Neurosciences Institute, Orthopedic Institute, Prima  ...  See more
Nov 21 2022

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And now America's health care advocate, Cary Hall. Hello, America. Welcome to America's Healthcare Advocate show broadcasting coast to coast across the USA, from Alaska to Florida, all the way to Hawaii. We are broadcasting today from the Cape. 1550 a.m. 100.3 AM here in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. This is another in our series of shows we are doing with Saint Francis Health System here in Cape Girardeau, throughout southeast Missouri.

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And as I've told you before, we do run these shows nationally. And the reason for that is because we have a series of doctors, clinicians and experts that come on and talk about various health care issues. Today, we're going to talk about home health care and hospice. I think you're going

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