S18 E38 - Cary's guest Patrick Murray-Veterans of Foreign Wars Legislative Director on What Benefits Veterans Don’t Know About & Help with Red Tape for Vet’s & families

America's Healthcare Advocate by Cary Hall
This episode Cary's guest Patrick Murray, who is the National Legislative Director at the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) and we talk about what the VFW means to veterans & their families.This discussion is extremely helpful for Veterans seeking help in navigating the benefits they are entitled to. Servicemen, Veterans, and their families  ...  See more
Nov 06 2022

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Cary Hall
And now America's health care advocate, Cary Hall. Hello, America. Welcome to America's Healthcare Advocate Show broadcasting coast to coast across the USA, from Alaska to Florida all the way to Hawaii. Producer name is Karen Carson. I'm your host, Cary Hall. This is your show America, thank you for joining us and making this one of the most listened to talk shows throughout the United States, 294 affiliates strong. Thanks to all of you in our listening audience. So our podcast platforms have become very popular. We're getting a lot of people going up and listening to these shows on the podcast platforms. You can also follow me on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at AHARadioShow, that's AHARadioShow to pick us up if you want to follow us on any

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