Native Americans and the Paranormal with Dave Bender

California Haunts Radio by Charlotte Kosa

Episode notes

Dave was born in Long Island, New York. At age 8, his family returned to their roots in Montana and the Rocky Boy Indian Tribe. Under his uncle Dan (a Chippewa-Cree), he was mentored as a medicine man. He grew up learning his tribe's stories of spirits and how to help others. After relocating to California he carried on his family's tradition of healing by founding his first paranormal team, API.

Dave enjoys working in the film industry in his spare time. He writes screenplays and studies gemstones. He works with children during the day as a Service Coordinator.

He met his wife, Ann, in 2003 and they both enjoy a beautiful daughter. Dave can not offer his Native American blessing unless asked. He cannot charge for this service, but can accept supplies as a sign of appreciation.


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