Episode 7: The Arrival

By Way of the Sea: A Regency Era Audio Drama by EraLore Studios

Episode notes

Lucia gives a necessary push to Silas, encouraging him to connect with Elena, suggesting they had more in common than he is willing to see. Once Lucia leaves to collect firewood, Silas throws a few more “princess” remarks Elena’s way and she finally breaks. She stands her ground and shares with Silas her real, humbled identity. Just as the realization is had, an injured Lucia limps out of the jungle, pointing to a man and child floating in the water. They pull them both to safety, welcoming Kwesi and Bahia onto the island and into their lives.


Brenna Patzer as Elena

Karina Hilleard as Lucia

Enzo Leone as Silas

Gervais Weekes as Kwesi

Sunny Snow as Bahia

EPISODE COVER ART:"A Gift from the Sea" by Anna-Maria

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