Episode 61- Notes from the Underground- Samson and Delilah- Part 3- Foxfire and Donkey Jaws

The Burros of Berea Podcast by Rick Welch

Episode notes

Tiziana, Rick and Andy breakdown the significance of the Nazarite Vow and change their position on handling a "corpse" based on findings by Tiziana with the help of a Hebrew scholar. They dig into Judges chapter 15 where we learn more about the character of Samson as a "judge" for Israel and his effect on the world around him. Through a series of back and forth moves between Samson and the Lords of the Philistines the story amps up with severe destruction of an entire crop and the necessity of the troops from the tribe of Judah to capture him. Once Samson is in custody by his own people he launches an attack on the Philistines on his own and leaving a path of bodies behind him. It's a riveting story of the strength of a man against an entire nation that invaded the promised land of Israel. Thanks for listening and supporting our podcast. If you'd ... 

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