Episode 190- Swapcast- The Family Whom Jesus Loved

The Burros of Berea Podcast by Rick Welch

Episode notes

Rick Welch spoke at Berean Bible Church on Palm Sunday and shared his message entitled, "The Family Whom Jesus Loved". After his deep dive study into Who Wrote the Gospel of John, he continued to do research surrounding the special family in Bethany. Mary, Martha and Lazarus all were loved uniquely by Jesus and after discovering information found within the Dead Sea Scrolls, Rick came to the conclusion that they were a part of a non-marrying group that housed the sick, poor and leprous. Then Rick attempts to link Lazarus of Bethany to the same man named in Luke 16 by showing who Theophilus really was. It's a fascinating deep dive into Israel's history and an interesting point of view on one of the most important families in Jesus' ministry.

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