Episode 188- Testimonies- Dr. Carrie Doehring- Leaning Into Loss

The Burros of Berea Podcast by Rick Welch

Episode notes

Dr. Carrie Doehring joins the Burros cast via zoom this week to talk with us about the death of her son Alex, who chose to end his life at the age of 27. In this candid interview, Dr. Doehring uses her experience as a pastor and a professor of pastoral counselling and care to walk us through the process of grieving such an immense loss. She also talks with the cast about why it can be so hard for Christian communities to talk about suicide and what we can do to open up space without judgment for others who might be suffering in silence.

If you or anyone you know are struggling with thoughts of suicicde, you are not alone. Please dial 988 or visit 988lifeline.org for support.

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