Episode 184- Notes from the Underground- Look to the Stars; Astrology in the Bible- Part 1

The Burros of Berea Podcast by Rick Welch

Episode notes

Tiziana Severse is back with a brand new study titled, Look to the Stars; Astrology in the Bible! As with all things NFTU discusses there is none more thornier than Astrology. Is the Christian supposed to recognize the use of Astrology in the Bible and tap dance lightly around it? Are they supposed to avoid it altogether? Should a Christian dabble with their horoscopes? Where did all of this studying of the stars come from? Well, Tiziana is doing a deep dive into the stargazers and readers of the past in other cultures that surrounded the Hebrew people. The book of Daniel shows how the Babylonian Empire had been working on the understanding of the stars for over 1500 years before Daniel is kidnapped and brought into their fold. It's a wild ride from one major empire to another! We hope you enjoy this and thanks for listening!

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