Episode 155- Testimonies- Kim McClish- "It Is" all Black and White

The Burros of Berea Podcast by Rick Welch

Episode notes

Our guest, Kim McClish, longtime radio broadcaster and a dear friend of Rick Welch, came in and sat with the Burros in Giraffe Studio to share her personal testimony. As you can see in the title, race relations has been a constant in Kim's life. Being raised black in the south in a Christian home and marrying a white man from up north created a vortex of issues for her and her child. However, Mrs. McClish is not one to be trifled with. She stands firm in her faith and in the face of adversity and has learned to love others regardless of any racial barriers. It's a fascinating episode with one of Rick's favorite people on planet earth! If you'd like to support our podcast, please visit: www.patreon.com/theburrosofberea. If you'd like to learn more about us, please visit  ... 

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