Episode 129- What is Liberty Exactly?

The Burros of Berea Podcast by Rick Welch

Episode notes
As the Burros still await the return of the rest of the cast, Rick, Andy, Sarita and Cherrie sit down at Giraffe Studio with the intent of discussing The Beatitudes. Rick veers off from that and discusses his ideas on what Liberty in our country is and how he thinks the meaning of it changes with every generation. He also brings to the table the reality of our most sacred American document, The Constitution of the United States of America and its recognition of the Creator. It's a fascinating discussion on how the world changes, how the Constitution needs to be reinterpreted consistently and the necessity of an outside Creator to allow society to construct a morality necessary to sustain the idea of liberty. If you would like to support our podcast, please visit: www.patreon.c ...   ...  Read more
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