Breathe To Ride

by Katie Behner and Kristen Whittaker

Breath To Ride


Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • Glitter and Dirt

    Glitter and Dirt

    Kristen and Katie talk about how glitter and dirt enhance your horsemanship.

  • Resilience ~ In Horse and Human

    Resilience ~ In Horse and Human

    To be resilient we must first understand what "stress" does to the human and horse body. How can we turn the inevitable "stress" that life brings into coping skills to welcome a residency within the horse and human mindset. In this episode Katie and Kristen dance through the thoughts and feelings of what is resilience how we can train in ourselves and our horses to improve the quality of our partnership, with all partners, including the silent ones.

  • Season 1

  • Breathe To Ride Recording Outtakes 2023

    Breathe To Ride Recording Outtakes 2023

    As we say goodbye to 2023 enjoy a giggle along with Katie and Kristen as they try to keep it together.. These outtakes were taken from the entire year of 2023. Keep smiling! Thank for listening!

  • Trust The Process

    Trust The Process

    While sometimes it can feel like every possible obstacle that can happen does happen – sometimes that’s when we need to dig our heels in, trust ourselves and trust the life process itself to carry us through. When we trust the process we are committing ourselves to do our best no matter the outcome. In many cases, horsemanship works this way – the efforts that we put in rarely yield immediate returns, but these efforts can compound over time. Then they start to stir forces into motion that can totally change us and our horses lives.

  • Grace ~ Beauty in form, both Horse and Human

    Grace ~ Beauty in form, both Horse and Human

    Having grace with horses is important for both practical and spiritual reasons. Horses can enrich our lives in many ways, and they deserve our respect and gratitude. Grace with horses also means to appreciate their natural beauty and elegance, and to treat them with kindness and compassion. Grace with horses can also refer to the skill and artistry of riding or training horses, which requires patience, discipline, and creativity. In our Breathe To Ride programs, we teach and reveal the path to your own personal discovery of Grace, both emotional grace, and physical grace, inviting a coalescence of energies into one.