S01 E06 - How Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Works Together To Rebuild A City

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In this episode of the Breaking Barriers DEI&B Podcast, co-hosts Anthony Arrington, Nick Ford, and Joy Briscoe are joined by the first Black mayor of Waterloo, Iowa, Mayor Quentin Hart. They discuss the importance of joining diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging together with a common set of ideals, Mayor Hart's work in Waterloo and  ...  See more
Feb 20 2023

I mean, I didn't want to be a mayor. I didn't want to be a city council, uh, man, either. Um, but I think one is to examine, uh, your motives first and foremost. Um, when, when, if people are in this business so they can get a pat on the back or so they could believe that they're up here, um, you'll, you'll probably fade really fast or end up with disappointment.

Uh, if people never believe that this office is just all about me, uh, because if you believe that it's only about you, then you'll have a hard time serving the other. 68,000, uh, people here. Hey, it's Breaking Barriers, the Diversity, equity, inclusion and Belonging Podcast. We're here for real talk. We're not afraid to go there, and we want you to come away embolden and energized to take action and make change.

We believe our

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