S01 E02 - Taking Budget Off Table When Talking About DEI&B | Dr.Nika White

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Enough was enough, I just broke. You are the wife of a Black man, the mother of a Black man. DEI doesn't mean that you stop being you. Learn how to look at the emotional capital you invest so that you can be present without hurting yourself.Dr.Nika WhiteDr. Nika White is a national authority and fearless advocate for diversity, equity, an  ...  See more
Dec 20 2022

[00:00:00] What's up world? What's up? We're back again with the number episode of Breaking Barriers, brought to you by Kirkwood Community College. Today's episode is also sponsored by Hawkeye Community College. We are grad for our sponsors. I'm one of your co-host, Anthony Arrington. I'm managing partner at Top Rank.
[00:00:16] I am joined by my co-host Nick Ford. Enjoy Briscoe. Hello, world. What's happening? Glad to be back. Yes. Yes. Look, looking forward to this is gonna be fun. Yeah, we've been waiting on this one. We've all known Nika for a while and I know I've been founding her like a mole . Glad to have you on.
[00:00:33] We're gonna have a great conversation and really get down and dirty about diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging today. Nick, why don't you tell us a littl

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