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BOSS is Ali Levitan's executive interview series on LinkedIn that is now a top rated Podcast. Learn, network, and pay it forward with stories from the Head of Global Partnerships at TikTok, Head of Sales at NBCU, CMO at CVS Health, CEO at Dress for Success, CMO at JPMorgan, Chief Sustainability Officer at Verizon, Head of Global Learning at Bloomberg, and more.

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Podcast episodes

  • BOSS with Roblox's VP Global Brand Partnerships, Stephanie Latham

    BOSS with Roblox's VP Global Brand Partnerships, Stephanie Latham

    🚨 New BOSS Episode Alert! 🚨 Hey Podcast fam! I just had an amazing conversation with Stephanie Latham, Roblox's VP Global Brand Partnerships 🚀 We dove into her journey from teaching kindergarten to heading to Ogilvy to Barbarian to Global Partnerships at Meta to leading global brand partnerships at Roblox. Stephanie dropped some serious wisdom on consumer behavior, leadership, and career growth that you don't want to miss: ✨ "You can't ignore consumer behavior. Early movers might have a bumpy start..but they end up with a competitive advantage." ✨ "Authentic leadership is so important. Being yourself helps you connect authentically with people." ✨ "Trust yourself. If you're in the role, you have nothing to prove. You already made it over the hump to get there and you're there to be you."We also explored exciting trends in tech and media, and how brands are connecting with the next generation on platforms like Roblox. This episode is packed with insights for marketers, brand strategists, sales leaders and partnership pros! 🙌 Ready to get inspired? Watch the full interview and share your thoughts in the comments! Huge thanks to Stephanie Latham for sharing her journey and insights! Who should I interview next? Catch prior BOSS eps with Seth Matlins Erick Dominguez Jason Schulweis Ross Simmonds Leah Meranus Christian Muche Evan Shapīro Tiffany M. Moore and many many more. Stay tuned, and keep learning, networking, and paying it forward! 🌟

  • BOSS with Seth Matlins, MD, Forbes CMO Network

    BOSS with Seth Matlins, MD, Forbes CMO Network

    Excited to share my latest BOSS episode featuring Seth Matlins, Managing Director of the Forbes CMO Network! We met at the POSSIBLE Conference in Miami, and his insights are pure gold for marketers and leaders alike. 🎤✨ 🔑 Highlights: "The majority of CEOs and CFOs have no marketing background... They think they understand marketing simply because they've been marketed to, but they do not." Seth's take on the disconnect between executives and marketing. "Marketing's job is to sell, no matter what you're selling, whether it's yourself or an idea, product or a service..." A powerful perspective on the role of marketing. The art of pitching and creating your own job opportunities. Insightful advice for rising stars and aspiring leaders. Seth shares his passion for marketing, his love for family, and some priceless advice for both seasoned professionals and those just starting their careers. This conversation is packed with wisdom, laughs, and aha moments you won't want to miss! 💡👏 💬 What was your favorite takeaway from Seth's story? Let's discuss this in the comments! 👇📢 Don't forget to like, share, and spread the knowledge! 🌐✨ Catch prior BOSS by Ali Levitan episodes with Leah Meranus Ross Simmonds Erick Dominguez Jason Schulweis Christian Muche Tiffany M. Moore Monica Williams Aria Finger Reema Rao Trina Maynes and many many more on my LinkedIn feed or the podcast. Dress by LoveShackFancy! Editing Super Powers by Descript (I used Studio Sound at 50% and the Remove Filler Words feature)

  • BOSS: Rising Stars with Erick Dominguez, GA Account Director and Sales Super Star

    BOSS: Rising Stars with Erick Dominguez, GA Account Director and Sales Super Star

    Hey friends! After countless requests, I’m thrilled to finally introduce my first very special "Rising Star" episode of BOSS 🎙️✨ Meet Erick Dominguez, General Assembly Account Director who has been making an impact at GA for over five years (and we used to work together!) 👋 We met back in August 2019 when Eric joined GA. I'm a huge Erick fan and his passion for technology, sales, and helping others is truly inspiring. 🎧 In this episode, we dive into Erick's journey: His love for technology sparked by his older brother 💻 The transition from tech to recruiting and then to sales 🚀 Valuable insights on the current tech trends like generative AI 🤖 His dedication to financial literacy for underrepresented communities 💡 Eric also shares some golden nuggets for anyone in sales or business development, like the importance of networking, embracing failure, and continuously learning. 📚 👉 What’s next? Listen to Eric’s story below or on the podcast and let us know your thoughts! Drop a comment, like, and share with your network. And hey, who do you think I should interview next on BOSS? Let’s amplify more voices together! 🚀 Ali Levitan wardrobe by Tuckernuck BOSS by Ali Levitan edit using Descript to give me AI editing super powers! #Leadership #Podcast #CareerGrowth #Sales #TechTrends #AI #Networking #FinancialLiteracy #ProfessionalDevelopment #BOSS #RisingStars

  • BOSS with Jason Schulweis, the new Chief Commercial Officer at The Female Quotient, TFQ

    BOSS with Jason Schulweis, the new Chief Commercial Officer at The Female Quotient, TFQ

    🎙️ Welcome to this week's BOSS with Jason Schulweis, the new Chief Commercial Officer at The Female Quotient. With a remarkable career trajectory through Deep Focus, Yahoo, Thrillist, Live Nation Entertainment, MediaLink, and Morning Brew, Jason is now poised to leverage his strategic partnerships expertise in a role that promotes gender equality across industries. 🎤 With over 435,000 LinkedIn followers and a total audience of over 4 million across all social platforms, including Shelley Zalis's, The Female Quotient is uniquely positioned through its content and community to make a significant impact. Jason is enthusiastic about this growth and paying it forward by "engaging conscious leaders to help close the gender gap". ❤️ Partnerships are crucial. They must be more than just transactions; they need to create lasting impact,' reflects Jason on the strategic approach required to foster meaningful business relationships. ✔ "I am driven by a personal commitment to make the world a better place for future generations, including my own family," Jason adds, emphasizing the personal stakes involved in his professional endeavors. 📣 Join us in supporting Jason’s work at The Female Quotient. With such a wide-reaching platform, they are poised to drive significant change. "Gender equality is not like a day. It's not a month. It's a business imperative. We want brands and partners that really do feel that, that same thing." 👉 Don’t miss this episode of BOSS—tune in, get inspired, and catch earlier episodes with Ross Simmonds Leah Meranus Christian Muche David Cohen and more #Leadership #GenderEquality #TheFemaleQuotient #BOSSpodcast #marketing #partnerships #contentcreator BOSS by Ali Levitan Talia Bender Small

  • BOSS with Ross, B2B Agency CEO, content wizard, author, and creator with 40K+ LinkedIn followers

    BOSS with Ross, B2B Agency CEO, content wizard, author, and creator with 40K+ LinkedIn followers

    🎧 "Ross, welcome to Boss." Yes, it rhymes, and yes, Ross Simmonds, the CEO content wizard behind B2B Marketing success has 40K LinkedIn followers and is going to be one of those interviews that sticks with you. 📘 In this episode, Ross unveils insights from his brand new book, "Create Once, Distribute Forever," teaching us how powerful and perpetual well-crafted content can be. 💡 What's Inside: 🧠 The undervalued power of content in shaping our experiences. 🌐 How Ross’s love for the internet funded his education and led him to dominate the B2B SaaS scene. 🤖 Exciting discussions on the future of AI in content creation and how it’s reshaping business globally. 📈 Practical advice for leveraging LinkedIn and AI to amplify your marketing and sales efforts. 👀 Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, a seasoned executive, or just a curious mind, this episode is packed with actionable insights and Ross’s infectious enthusiasm for content that could change the way you view your digital footprint.