Booze, Booms & Busts: Episode #47 – Finish him (the USD)! Fatality!

Published: May 28 2021

Name one move, based on a video game that was good. Let's help you out, Hitman (both of them), Mortal Kombat (both of them), Street Fighter, Mario Bros, Prince of Persia, Assasins Creed...Tomb Raider...any of them good? Nope. Maybe Tomb Raider, but clearly Boaz has a thing for Angelina Jolie. It's a different one this week, but we do get on to other topics including virtual models, the USD ending and why the Navy might be the key as well as golf and of course beer ratings from some of the world's finest breweries. All this and much much more on this week's fascinating episode 47 of Booze, Booms and Busts.