Booze, Booms & Busts: Episode #39 – Property Boom: Are you ready?

Published: Mar 26 2021

We're live with Episode 39 and we've managed to wrangle in a special guest in one of the sharpest minds in the UK when it comes to property and economic cycles, Akhil Patel. Akhil's 18 year cycles should be gospel to investors and if you've never come across his work before, well, strap in because it's one of the most fascinating guests we've ever had on Booze, Booms & Busts.

Or course we also add several beers to our tasting and review system, with Atomic Dog, Bumpy Road and Juicy IPA...just to name a few. Grab a tinny or two, settle in and listen to episode 39 of Booze, Booms & Busts.