The DSA (USA) and the Politics of Opinions and Crisis Lines on Serious Sunday

The Voice of V by V.L. Cason

Episode notes
  • I am V and twice a week I talk about my thoughts on current events, social justice, the human condition, mental health, sports, books, history, photography, writing, music, things I see and experience, and anything on my mind each week. The podcast episodes drop on Wednesdays and Sundays, and I reserve Sundays for the heavy, serious topics, and Wednesdays for the upbeat topics.

  • Some of my favorite things in life are photography, writing, coffee, music, March Madness, College Football, fidgets, and working on this podcast.

  • My photographic background includes professional sports, concerts, real estate, pet portraits, websites, photojournalism, travel, URBEX, and automotive. I have written for music and photographic art magazines both print and digital, newspapers, blogs, and published books on the Amazon platfo ... 

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