E36 - Replay - Lauren Van Mullem on Boundaries in a Copywriting Business

The Bloggy Friends Show by Ashley Grant
It is so important to have boundaries in your freelance business. That's why I wanted to bring in Lauren Van Mullem. She and I have battle scars in the copywriting world together, and we're sharing some real talk about boundaries, and why if you don't have them you will start to hate your business FAST! This is a juicy one!https://www.tru  ...  See more
Dec 02 2022

Welcome to the Bloggy Friends show!
What's up Bloggy Friends? Famous Ashley Grant here and I'm so excited to bring you
Lauren and she and I, we have battle scars together girl
and I'm so excited to talk about the big thing
that no one talks about but they should be and that's boundaries in ghostblogging.
So Lauren tell me a little bit about what you do and how your business works.
Well I've been doing writing professionally for other people for 12 years
and we met... I didn't know it was that long. Yes, it's that long.
And we met very early in that time span when I was just sort of figuring out
that I needed boundaries actually.
Yeah I started out in travel journalism and that was when everything, the economy tanked
and there were no jobs and journalism was going under and you couldn't get

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