E01 - Welcome to The Bloggy Friends Show

The Bloggy Friends Show by Ashley Grant
I've been talking about launching a show online in some capacity for years now. As a content creator, I felt a visual or audio show would be a lot of fun. Fear held me back for years, but I'm ready to give this a chance. April Fool's Day felt like the best day to launch, so here's my introduction and welcome to The Bloggy Friends ShowMore  ...  See more
Apr 01 2020

Ashley 00:00
But the guy who would give me my moniker Famous Ashley Grant. Like whom calls themselves Famous Ashley? Or who calls himself famous anything right?

Intro 00:10
Welcome to the Bloggy Friend Show

Ashley 00:24
What's up guys? Famous Ashley Grant here and it's my sincere pleasure to welcome you finally, to the Bloggy. Friend show. I've been talking about starting this show for years now, and though I can't quite say what it is exactly that has prevented me from starting it, a series of events over the past year, has led me to realize there's no time quite like the present to just launch already. Even if I'm starting offlay. It's awful, and it's terrible, I need to just launch, I need to quit being afraid. If you're listening to this, and you're wondering if you should la

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