E11 - Getting Started with Ghostwriting Featuring Robert Yaniz Jr.

The Bloggy Friends Show by Ashley Grant
I'm crazy excited about this episode you guys because it's the first time I have a guest on! It was only fitting that Robert Yaniz Jr. was my first guest because I've been on his show several times. We chat about how we know each other, how we got into journalism, what lead us to ghostwriting, and how you can get started in ghostwriting t  ...  See more
May 07 2021

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Welcome to the blogging sense show. What's up bloggy friends FamousAshley Grant here and I am so excited that this is the very first episode where I'm introducing guests. And my very first guest is Robert Yanis Jr. and I'm so excited that he is on the show because I've been on his podcast target table several times, and I think you'll enjoy everything that he's got to share. We're talking about how we got started in the world of journalism and how we got started as ghost writers, so there's a lot to unpack, and let's dive in.

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So I am Robert Yanis, Jr. I am a writer and editor, a podcaster. extraordinaire I'll put there in quotes because it's mostly just exaggeration and I guess vanity ego whatever you want to call it. But yeah, so I have a bun

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