Avoiding Confusion in a Confusing World

Blessed Hope Chapel Treasure Valley Podcast by Pastor Nick Pinneri

Episode notes

Scripture tells us that Satan disguises himself as an angel of light and his servants also disguise themselves as servants of righteousness. They’re like wolves in sheep’s clothing, demons masquerading as angels deceiving the masses and leading as many people astray as possible. In our day their main tool is the internet as they propagate deceit and watch their lies spread across the globe in a split second. Christians are called to hold fast to Christ, His Word, and His truth so that the lies are seen for what they truly are. As false teaching was infiltrating the church at Colossae similar to that of the Galatian church, the Apostle Paul exhorted these newer believers to not be phased, to not be robbed of their glorious prize, the Lord Jesus Christ. Paul’s encouragement was straightforward and simple: holdfast to Christ and the confusion of the ... 

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