WandaVision: Let Women Be Evil

Bitch, Why? by Neeta Thadani & Gaia Malin

Episode notes

In our final episode with Alyssa, we talk all things WandaVision (cue literally any of the seven WandaVision theme songs)! Neeta was forced to watch all of WandaVision in one nine hour sitting by Alyssa, something they will not let Alyssa forget. We discuss whether or not the WandaVision sitcoms are actually good as sitcoms, the problem with fan theories, and how the show uses sitcom tropes to comment on ideals of “The American Dream”. Neeta wishes we could let Marvel heroes be villains who are afforded more complexity, considering how well the show covers addiction and grief. Katelyn is back for a Hot Take, Alyssa reveals how many times she’s seen this show, and so much more, this week on “Bitch, Why?”.

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