Jennifer’s Body: Should We Kiss?

Bitch, Why? by Neeta Thadani & Gaia Malin

Episode notes

We covered Jennifer’s Body this week to celebrate a whole year of ‘Bitch, Why?’! We start out listing all the amazing songs that have come out recently and have a moment solely dedicated to discussing Princess Diana. Neeta and Gaia get into everything Jennifer’s Body from Megan Fox’s career to unrealistic dialogue to gay awakenings (ladies really be KISSING in this movie) to how girls struggle with having a personal relationship with sex! We absolutely gush over this movie and how it is so rich with metaphor that it is just asking to be overanalyzed. We debate whether or not this movie would actually 'kill' today or if we all needed 10 years to really get it. We also, of course, end up comparing this movie to Miss Rodrigo’s ‘Sour ' and so much more this week, on "Bitch, Why?".

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