S01 E48 - NCAP update, GM goes big, AM radio frightens Fred and Operation Cave Bear

There Auto Be A Law by Center for Auto Safety
NHTSA updates their new car assessment program to take pedestrians into account. Fred explains why simulations are not enough to make Autonomous Vehicles road worthy. Nearly half of all vehicle passengers killed on U.S. roads in 2021 were not wearing a seat belt. An update on the Hyundai/Kia/TikTok car theft problem. GM thinks a massive E  ...  See more
May 25 2023

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Anthony: and speaking of human sacrifice, listener, welcome to another episode of There Auto Be A Law. Is, did we decide on that as the title, There Auto Be A Law? I think it's good. Okay. We haven't gotten feedback on that, but we are one monthly donor away from Fred Perkins revealing his Woodstock 1969 story.

One more monthly donor and we will reveal the story. This is not his Woodstock 1994 story, which we all witnessed on M T V where he joined the red hot chili peppers on stage wearing their customary encore on outfit that's, we're all upset over that, but this is his 1969 story. And please, just one more monthly donor.

Five bucks a month. And you will hear another fascinating tale in the life of Fred

Fred: Perkins.

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