S01 E37 - Loose Steering Wheels

Center for Auto Safety Podcast by Center for Auto Safety
NHTSA is taking advice from Anthony and investigating Zoox. GM complains about boogeyman burdensome regulations for their AVs and their marketing department creates a silly name for a good start at improving on ADAS features. Americans are "fearful" and concerned about Automated Vehicles. USPS cuts costs by neglecting safety. Waymo releas  ...  See more
Mar 09 2023

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Michael: A lot happened in the last couple days.

Anthony: Yeah, a lot's going on. And I we've gotta start with NHTSA finally listening to me and my concerns and my questions about zoo's. Zoox we mentioned is I brought this up a couple weeks ago where Zoox has this pill shaped self-driving vehicle that doesn't have a steering wheel, brakes or anything like that.

And I asked the naive question. How does this thing pass a crash test? And you guys inform me they're self-certified. The folks at nhsa NHTSA have been listening to us and they're like, wait a second, if that moron thinks they're not Crashworthy baby. They're not Crashworthy. So NHTSA's investigating them and been talking to Zus about, wait a second,

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