S01 E84 - Berlin with Barney White-Spunner

Aspects of History by Oliver Webb-Carter
This year its' the 750th birthday of Berlin, and to commemorate it historian Barney White-Spunner, author of a book on the city, joins to discuss its foundation, history throughout that period, which is tied up with German history, and wider European history. He discusses Berlin's suffering during the 30 Years War, the Napoleonic occupati  ...  See more
Apr 22 2023

when the Nazis seized power through the enabling act of 1933 after the election,
they are pretty anti-Berlin and Berliners. The Berlins only voted about 30 percent roughly
Berlin votes in favor of Hitler in the 1933 election, which Hitler never forgives them for.
Hello and welcome to the Aspects of History podcast. My name is Oliver Wabcarter and I'm
the editor and your host. 2023 is the 750th birthday of that great city of Berlin and so
to commemorate it we have Barney White-Spunner, author of A History of the City, joining me to
discuss it. Barney is a historian and former senior army officer who was stationed in the city
in the 80s. We look to Berlin's foundation, its experience during the 30 years war, a conflict
across German states that killed around eight million, how it changed und

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